The Tent

At the heart of iOrchestra are the Philharmonia Orchestra's award-winning digital “virtual orchestra” installations: in 2015 we return to Plymouth, Torquay and Truro with Universe of Sound, following the popular installation of RE-RITE in 2014.

Universe of Sound is an extraordinary free interactive digital installation, allowing you to explore an orchestra from the inside out as they perform Holst’s The Planets. Using giant visual displays, touch screens, unconventional projecting surfaces, movement-based interaction and planetarium-style projections, you can take part as musicians, conductors, arrangers and composers. The installation also features a new companion piece to The Planets, by composer Joby Talbot, called Worlds, Stars, Systems, Infinity. To find out more, watch our Universe of Sound film.

Universe of Sound will next be installed and open in

  • Cornwall: Lemon Quay, Truro | 29 June - 10 July 2015, 10am - 6pm & 11 July 2015, 10am - 2pm

Have you visited Universe of Sound and want to find out more? Or maybe you're planning to visit and want to learn a bit more before you come. If so, check out our Listening Guide Films for each movement of Holst's The Planets.

Based on composer Igor Stravinsky’s fantastic ballet score The Rite of Spring, RE-RITE was intalled in a tent in Plymouth, Toruqay and Truro in 2014.  It was a large-scale walk-through experience that offered visitors the chance to feel the sensation of being among more than 100 expert musicians and experience the thrill of walking among them, via giant projections, surround sound and interactive stations dotted throughout the installation. Explore the gallery or watch the film to learn more about RE-RITE.